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Actress Nora Frimpong Manso Accused Of Not Bathing Before Work

‘Nebu Francis’ the director of Nora Frimpong Manso who doubles as the husband to the actress has caused yet another stir on social media for accusing the actress of skipping shower for work.

We can always count on celebrities to look clean-cut and polished when they make public appearances, but believe it or not, some of them actually have the worst hygiene ever.

According to Nebu Francis ‘Movie Director’, his wife skips shower before she goes to work. He made this known to our portal after it was spotted in a Facebook post on his Timeline.

“Nora skips bath before she goes to work, and I have been on her for so many times but that behaviour has become her habit. Someone should advice my wife to take her bath before she goes to work” he said.

It’s rare for a star to step out looking less than flawless from head to toe. But looks can be deceiving. Although many of our favorite stars look absolutely stunning on the outside, you might catch a whiff of a nasty odor if you were to stand right next to them. This is because some famous people are known for slacking when it comes to their hygiene habits.

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In an interview with ‘Nora’, in regards to the allegations made against her, it appears that she goes to great lengths to keeping up her appearance. But what many don’t realize is that she’s prone to being rather lazy when it comes to her personal hygiene habits.

she made the startling admission that she only shower “maybe three times a week.” Why? Well, according to Nora: “Showering more than once a day, or every day, is such a white people thing, white people shower a lot more than ethnics. Am so lazy when it comes to my personal hygiene habits, so when I’m sweating and don’t have time to take a shower, I just take a baby wipe and rub it under my armpits and I’m Okay” she revealed.

Even though she has never talked about how often she brush her teeth, we’d bet money that someone who skips out on showering everyday isn’t keeping up with her daily brushing either.

Ghana’s popular and controversial actress ‘Nora Frimpong Manso’ has surfaced in the news over the last couple of weeks for the many controversial statements she has made.

Not quite long ago, she labelled most Shatta Wale Fans as “Aboboya” Riders, which has received catchy arguable statements from social media user’s.

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